We offer a range of 3D printing services for your home, including;

Replacement parts: If you have a broken appliance, such as a blender, a toaster, or a coffee maker, we can print a new part for you using our high-quality 3D printers. We can also print parts for other household items, such as lamps, clocks, or toys.

Custom designs: If you have a specific idea for a new item, such as a shelf, a table, or a chair, we can help you design and print it according to your specifications. We can also print personalized items, such as photo frames, coasters, or keychains. A few of our makers are even doing great things with customizied auto parts.

Repair services: Often a part is made up of a few component parts. It may be possible to repair a component rather than replacing a whole part. If you have a damaged item, like a car door handle assembly, or even a RC plane or car part, we may be able to repair it using 3D printing technology.