Solving Housing Affordability ?

Affordable home is 3D-printed in just five days – for the rquivalent of $21,800 USD

I posted a while back about 3D printed homes. I know the EIB3D tag line is home parts 3D printed and this is more “whole homes 3D printed” but I thought sharing it might help extend the view with another example of how 3D printing is helping address accessibility, sustainability, etc.

So many places the world over, including Canada, are struggling with a housing crisis. Availability and affordability are a significant problem.

While I don’t think I am naive enough to suggest that technology can solve all things, or that any solution is actually, and only, about the technology, I see things like this and it gives me hope and reminds me that when ideas, ingenuity and innovation are fostered, big problems can indeed be solved.

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